Close your eyes...

...just for a second, and at that very instance, your world will come to a standstill. Now imagine if your organic blinds were to stay shuttered forever.

In India, there are 22 blind males and 28 blind females for every 100,000 people. The number of the blind in India is estimated to be 13 million and this is a growing figure.

The plight of people in rural areas, with vision impairment is so terrible that street begging & dependency on others becomes the only means of survival for many, especially those without adequate and appropriate education during their childhood that would enhance their capability to lead a dignified life and also help them to earn a square meal.

Asha Deepa School for the Blind(ADSFB) is a residential school for visually challenged children, established in the year 2003. The school was started with 4 blind children in a three room rented house. Today there are more than 40 children in the school with all basic amenities. The children in the school are provided with food, clothings & health care. Apart from education, they also learn vocational skills, life skills and are imparted knowledge of using computers.